Priya Cherian Huskins

Senior Vice President & Partner


Woodruff Sawyer

Priya Cherian Huskins is partner at Woodruff Sawyer, a full-service commercial insurance brokerage. Priya is a recognized expert in D&O liability risk and its mitigation.

Priya is the author of the popular D&O Notebook blog. There she writes about current issues effecting directors and officers of public and large private companies in the areas of D&O liability, insurance and corporate governance.

Priya service on the board of a public company and a private company board.


10:00 AM - 10:45 AM

Thursday June 29, 2023

Steps Towards a Successful De-SPAC

  • Managing post-merger governance issues
  • Protecting against litigation risks
  • Understanding lock-up periods
  • Impact of private placements post-merger
  • Assessing change-in-control protections
  • Shareholder approval of equity incentive plans
2:25 PM - 3:10 PM

Thursday June 16, 2022

D&O Insurance for SPACs: Do's, Don'ts & Consequences

  • Lawsuits against SPACs are on the rise
  • When de-SPACed targets underperform and infuriate investors, who’s to blame?
  • Why should all SPACs pay for the mistakes of a few bad apples?
  • Negotiation with insurers: How SPAC management can hold down D&O costs
11:50 AM - 12:40 PM

Thursday June 24, 2021

SPAC Public Company Readiness Playbook

  • Best practices to employ before identifying a target
  • Understanding (and fulfilling) public company reporting challenges
  • A primer on the technology required to run a public company
  • Planning for post-merger success
11:55 AM - 12:35 PM

Thursday February 6, 2020

SPACS: Boom vs. Bust Markets

  • Can SPAC IPO volumes continue to grow
  • How to think about yields and minimum guaranteed returns for investors in both boom and bust markets
  • Is there any correlation between traditional M&A activity and SPAC IPO/M&A activity?
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