Donna Ackerly

Senior Vice President


Laurel Hill

Donna Ackerly is a corporate governance professional with extensive experience in hostile and friendly transactions, contested shareholder meetings, executive compensation, corporate governance and other proxy matters.

Prior to joining Laurel Hill, Ms. Ackerly was a Senior Managing Director with Georgeson LLC for more than 30 years. Donna is a member of the Society for Corporate Governance, National Investor Relations Institute and has been a frequent speaker on proxy and corporate governance issues. She was also a panelist on the SEC Roundtable on Proxy Voting.


    11:25 AM - 12:10 PM

    Wednesday June 28, 2023

    Designing SPAC Transactions to Minimize Risk

    • The role of due diligence in mitigating SPAC lawsuits
    • Why transparency = longevity in the SPAC market
    • Investor support begins with good investor communication
    • Why you want an independent financial advisor’s input
    • Handling SEC scrutiny and reporting outcomes to investors
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