Yelena Dunaevsky

Vice President, Transactional Insurance


Woodruff Sawyer

Yelena is a corporate finance and securities attorney and a member of Woodruff Sawyer’s transactional insurance brokerage and SPAC teams. She advises clients on M&A- and IPO-related insurance solutions, including representations and warranties insurance and D&O insurance. Yelena is a frequent author of articles and serves as the M&A managing editor of the American Bar Association’s Business Law Today. Prior to joining Woodruff Sawyer, Yelena was a senior capital markets associate at Clifford Chance.


11:15 AM - 11:35 AM

Wednesday June 23

Will Immunovant’s Insurance Policies Protect it from Litigation & Lessons for other SPACs

  • Understanding which policy covers what: Representations and Warranties Insurance (RWI) vs D&O insurance
  • Is D&O insurance optional and why is it so expensive?
  • Why use or avoid RWI in a SPAC business combination
  • Trends in claims and litigation in D&O and RWI
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