Cody Slach

Managing Director


Gateway Investor Relations

Cody has over 10 years of experience in investor relations, financial communications and corporate finance. He joined Gateway in 2008 and has managed 75+ client campaigns, providing strategic counsel on a wide range of corporate matters, including M&A transactions, equity and debt financings, shareholder activism and other crisis situations. He also leads the firm’s SPAC practice where he has been a leading voice to both sponsors and target company management teams during the de-SPAC period.


4:25 PM - 5:15 PM

Wednesday June 23

Why the COVID Pandemic Has Been a Boon for the Market

  • Advantages of forward-looking guidance over traditional IPOs
  • Uncertain times spark the popularity of a near-certain bet
  • Big SPAC deals make big noise, raising blank-check awareness
  • Post-pandemic growth prospects for SPACs
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