Alex Zuluaga



Ernst & Young

Alex has more than 15 years of experience that includes accelerated SEC readiness projects, cross-border acquisitions, bankruptcies, operational assessments, G/L system conversion reconciliations, carve-out financial statements and external audits.

He has extensive knowledge of special purpose acquisition corporation (SPAC) mergers covering accounting, reporting, regulatory, operational and integration matters. Alex has provided services throughout the SPAC’s lifecycle.

Alex advises clients on numerous accounting and financial reporting matters, including: purchase accounting, SEC comment letter responses, complex revenue matters, debt modifications, segment reporting, divestitures, restructuring, fresh start accounting, and other complex accounting matters, as well as compliance with SEC financial reporting requirements for U.S. domestic and foreign private issuers.


2:05 PM - 2:25 PM

Thursday February 6, 2020

Considering Long Term Value for SPACs

  • Provide an overview of long term value
  • How long term value can play a role in the SPAC vehicle
  • How Target/Operating companies can benefit from long term value
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