Ed Kovary

Edward Kovary - Speaker

Managing Director, EarlyBirdCapital

Mr. Ed Kovary Jr. is a Managing Director and Head of Equity Capital Markets at EarlyBirdCapital Inc. since May 2005. His historical background in equity sales and trading has helped his ability to design trading strategies for clients ranging from large institutions to family offices. Mr. Kovary has raised capital for 53 of Earlybird’s lead managed new SPAC issues totaling $4.4bil plus another 27 co-managed new issues for a total of 80 new issues and $7.45bil raised. Prior to EarlyBird, he co-managed NASDAQ Trading for ING Barings USA and before that he was a Principal at Banc of America Securities and a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs. Ed graduated from Cornell University with a BS in Management and Marketing.