Ed Kovary

Managing Director, Head of SPAC Capital Markets



Mr. Kovary brings 28 years of Wall Street experience to bear. Prior to BTIG, Mr. Kovary spent over 18 years as Co-Head of Capital Markets at EarlyBird Capital, where he was instrumental in building the platform into a boutique bank. Mr. Kovary specialized in SPAC underwritings, originating and executing equity transactions across various sectors and geographies. He has brought 140 SPAC issuers to market and completed over 85 de-SPAC mergers. Previously, he was a Managing Director and Co-Head of Nasdaq Trading at ING Barings. Mr. Kovary began his career as a Financial Analyst at Goldman Sachs. Mr. Kovary graduated with a BS in Business Management and Marketing from Cornell University.


    5:45 PM - 6:10 PM

    Tuesday June 11, 2024

    Getting to the Finish Line With deSPAC Mergers

    • Considerations in deSPAC mergers
    • Getting all the elements together for success
    • Focus on regulations, compliance, and moving forward after deSPAC
    12:10 PM - 12:30 PM

    Thursday February 7, 2019

    SPAC Investors and Strategies

    3:35 PM - 4:20 PM

    Wednesday June 15, 2022

    Your Path to Going Public: De-SPAC or IPO

    • SPACs: The speedier path to market
    • Different costs associated with both routes
    • Why SPACs offer less volatile target valuation
    • Understanding shareholder dilution (and associated complaints)
    3:30 PM - 4:10 PM

    Wednesday June 23, 2021

    Why the COVID Pandemic Has Been a Boon for the Market

    • Advantages of forward-looking guidance over traditional IPOs
    • Uncertain times spark the popularity of a near-certain bet
    • Big SPAC deals make big noise, raising blank-check awareness
    • Post-pandemic growth prospects for SPACs
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