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GigCapital Group

Dr. Avi Katz, is the Founding Managing Member of GigAcquisitions, LLC, the Sponsor entity of GigCapital, Inc. (NYSE GIG). A TMT Blank-Check Private-to-Public (PtP) SPAC. In addition, he serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Humavox Ltd. Dr. Katz is a serial entrepreneur and active high-tech angel investor, which has spent nearly 30 years in international executive positions within the technology sector, founding of and working for privately held start-ups, middle-cap companies and large enterprises.

Avi is active philanthropist, and is a graduate of the Israeli Naval Academy, holds a B.Sc. and Ph.D. in Semiconductors Materials Eng. from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology).


9:10 AM - 9:55 AM

Thursday February 15, 2018

The SPAC Solution: A Look Toward the Future

  • Will private equity investors continue to see this as a reliable liquidity solution?
  • Understanding the Wall Street vs. Silicon Valley culture clash and its impact on traditional IPOs.
  • SPACs as an alternative to small stock IPOs and alternative going-public techniques.
  • Will SPACs be a better long-term fit for tech companies?
11:30 AM - 11:50 AM

Thursday February 6, 2020

Technology SPAC full lifecycle execution using the Private-to-Public Equity (PPE) methodology

  • Initial IPO of the Technology SPAC: Deal Size, Nature and Focus of the GigCapital operational team
  • Searching, identifying and selection of the technology final target company for combination, using the PPE defined criteria
  • Planning the closing of the combination to secure successful listing on national exchange, required cash, and financial performance post the combination
  • Executing PPE and Mentor-Investor partnership methodology post-closing to support company’s performance and continuous growth
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